[Puffs up cheeks, exhales forcefully to blow dust from blog]

So, it’s the end of 2013. The very end. Hours remain.

And somehow, the absence of any meaningful posts on the blog actually do justice to the life that’s been unfolding in this bungalow. In the last year, the girls have grown into small humans (as I like to call them) as opposed to toddlers or even kids, and Brett and I have settled (even) more comfortably into parenthood.

Ava is a sensitive girl who can canter a pony or write a letter asking Santa for lipstick, who has a best friend, and who has just discovered Wonder Woman (is it the end of Barbie at long last?!).

We are clinging to the very end of our baby Edie, whose limbs now dangle off the bed and fill the bath tub and exhibit surprising strength during play tug-of-war. Edie is a sweet girl who makes friends wherever she goes, gives hugs freely and always wants to go down the big slide/zipline/jump.

Brett and I have quietly (though diligently) built equilibrium. The kids are challenged, the paycheques are earned, life is good and all under our roof are happy. Ambitious, and always forward-looking, but happy.

Of course, introspection is an early and easy victim of life these days. When the day is consumed with an array of deadlines and due dates (no matter their lack of real gravity), day’s end is *spectacularly* dense and unproductive. After we tuck the kids in, the act of unwinding has comprised a thoughtless Hollywood feature film or even worse, Buzzfeed.

[Concerned to find self slowly circling around a resolution for 2014…]

The next year may not involve much, uh, self-actualization and stuff. And it will still, likely, include Will Ferrell movies (I find the man is funny, what can I say?).

But hopefully, for each day that begins with early breakfast together (and is followed by school, work, music lessons, crockpot dinners, bath time, some sibling rivalry, teeth-brushing, jammy-choosing and three-dozen stories), more will end with a blog posted, a frock sewn, or a drawing sketched.

And if not, there’s likely an animated cat gif on the internet somewhere that needs an audience. (Selflessness will be my second resolution.)